Jurassic World

Jurassic World Best Buy Samsung SUHD

01 Jun: Best Buy Sneak Peek: Watch Exclusive Jurassic World Content on Samsung’s SUHD TVs at 500+ stores

It’s one of the most beloved franchises in cinema today with a fervent fan base and a master (see Spielberg, Steven) at the helm.

Experts are already calling for a $100 million opening.

And yet Jurassic World still doesn’t hit theaters until June 12.

So if you’re devouring every trailer as you impatiently wait, here’s some good news – you can check out an exclusive clip of the film at 500-plus Best Buy stores nationwide.

Universal Pictures and Samsung have teamed up to bring fans a “big reveal” (yes that’s the only hint we can give you, but know it’ll be a good one) that can only be seen at the Samsung Entertainment Experiences at Best Buy stores.