01 Nov: Secret to Magnolia designer’s success: Focusing on ‘little things’

For a couple of minutes, Doman Soohoo couldn’t come to the phone to discuss his remarkable 30-year career at Magnolia and Best Buy. He was talking to a customer.

But what set this customer interaction apart from most was the reason they were talking.

“He just came in to say hi, not necessarily to buy something,” Doman said. “I’ve worked with him over the years. A lot of customers will do that.”

Doman’s customers at the Northgate Seattle store not only stop in to say hi, they invite him to their homes.

Magnolia Design Center Entry

24 Jun: Hi-Res Music Stations Arrive at More Than 70 Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers This Fall

Experience music the way it deserves to be – the way the artist intended – when high-resolution music stations arrive this fall at more than 70 Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers before the holidays.

Sony Electronics is bringing these Hi-Res Music Stations – an industry first – to life as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group will offer customers a wide-range of music to experience.

The display — complete with Hi-Res Sony headphones, portable DACs, portable players and state-of-the-art components for audiophiles — will promote a variety of clips from both new and classic recordings across every genre, in addition to offering information on accessing high-res digital files from participating music providers.

Dolby Atmos

24 Oct: Only at Magnolia: Go Immerse Yourself in Dolby Atmos Sound

You’re watching The Hunger Games and the arrow that just misses Katniss’ head involuntarily makes you flinch and sink even deeper into your couch.

That’s because the hiss from your ceiling speakers made you feel as if you were Miss Everdeen herself, dodging imminent death in the jungle.

It’s Dolby Atmos‘ immersive new world of sound that you can test drive beginning Sunday exclusively at 400 Magnolia locations inside Best Buy stores.

The same way that HDTV has grown up into a 4K Ultra High Definition for your viewing pleasure, audio is now evolving into the next-level experience that only Dolby Atmos can offer – a captivating, multi-dimensional sound that fills your room and flows all around you.

Magnolia Jason Chaney

29 Aug: Meet the Magnolia Designer Who Creates $60,000 Man Caves  

Jason Chaney makes Man Cave dreams come true.

He’s spearheaded home theater creations as pricey as $60,000 as a Magnolia Designer and now leads the home theater department at Best Buy’s Mission Valley store in San Diego.

Maybe you’ve seen #MagnoliaMondays on Best Buy PR’s Instagram? That’s the work of Chaney and his peers.

So, want to know the hottest trend in home theater?

Wondering what’s the biggest no-no in manufacturing a Man Cave?

Chaney, a 32-year-old home theater veteran, answers all and shares his entertainment expertise.