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15 Jan: Get Properly Prepared for the Academy Awards

Your mom won’t stop talking about it. Your boss won’t stop talking about it. Even that guy you met on Tinder won’t stop talking about it. The 87th Academy Awards are so close you can almost taste them.

Whether you caught cinema fever or you’re just in the mood for binge-watching great movies all weekend, Best Buy is here to help you get properly prepared for the biggest night in film as Oscar nominations were just announced today.

Want to see what the fuss is all about?  

Jonah Hill Conan

28 Feb: Jonah Hill Thanks Best Buy. Now Best Buy Thanks Him with Buy One, Get One Deals on His Movies.

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From Superbad to Moneyball to 21 Jump Street — you now can easily own these cornerstones of Jonah Hill’s career.

Between March 2-8, Best Buy is offering a Buy One, Get One deal on select Jonah Hill movies, in addition to making special in-store prices available on select Jonah Hill films throughout the week.

Why? Because Best Buy is thanking Jonah Hill after the Oscar-nominated actor praised the Honolulu Best Buy store for its role in perfecting his patter while he wore veneers to become his character Donny Azoff in The Wolf of Wall Street

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25 Feb: 5 Ways to Make Oscar Night Your Own Award Winner

What’s the only non-football televised event that made Nielsen’s Top 10 list for the most-watched programs last year?

The Oscars.

Almost 40.4  million people tuned in to fawn over Hollywood’s best and brightest.

Come Sunday, March 2, be one of the perfectly prepared viewers with these five Best Buy tips for making a winning night out of the 2014 Academy Awards.


1. Your second screen’s perfect for the Silver Screen

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If you don’t have your smartphone or tablet next to you if not in your hand throughout the show, then you’re watching the awards wrong.