20 Jul: Best Buy Signs ParityPledge In Support Of People Of Color

Best Buy is proud to announce that we have signed on as a founding member of the ParityPledge in Support of People of Color.

It’s a public commitment to interview at least one qualified person of color for every open leadership role that is at the vice president level or higher, including the C-suite and board of directors. There are no quotas or deadlines.

This latest pledge is in addition to the ParityPledge in Support of Women, which we previously signed to increase the representation of women in leadership.

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13 Oct: Best Buy Strengthens its Commitment to Gender Equity

Best Buy is already known for the high number of women in leadership roles, and now the company is pledging to do even more to encourage gender balance within its executive ranks.

Best Buy has signed on to the ParityPledge™, in which companies promise to interview at least one qualified woman candidate for every open position, vice president and above, including the C-suite and board.

Best Buy leaders say the ParityPledge perfectly aligns with the company’s values and mission.

“While we are proud of the work we have done to achieve gender diversity on our executive team and board of directors, we need to continue to work to build a team of diverse leaders,” said Kamy Scarlett, chief human resources officer. “A