11 Mar: Coronavirus-Themed Phishing Scams On The Rise

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) to scam people with phishing emails. They’re using scare tactics and often pretending to be reputable brands and organizations to fool people.

Phishing is a type of cybercrime that targets individuals by email, telephone, or text message. Phishers lure individuals into providing data such as personal information, banking and credit card details, and passwords — usually by clicking on a malicious link or attachment.

Many of us may have questions and concerns about the virus and cybercriminals are exploiting that by sending emails branded to look like they are from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

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13 Apr: Got Your Taxes Done? We Have 5 Tips for Filing Safely

The April 18 deadline to file taxes is fast approaching, and we have some advice for you procrastinators on how to protect your data — and money — from hackers and scammers.

And if you’ve already sent your stuff in, some of this might help you prepare for next year.

The IRS is expecting more than 150 million returns this year, and about 80 percent of them will be prepared using software. With so many people filing their taxes on their own, it makes it even more important to have strong passwords, a safe place to archive sensitive documents and a healthy dose of skepticism.