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15 Jul: Pokemon Go ‘Trainers’ Take on Best Buy Headquarters

Pokemon are everywhere, even at Best Buy headquarters.

As the “Pokemon Go” craze rages on, we opened the doors of our corporate campus in Richfield, Minnesota, on Thursday to let members of the public catch ‘em all on new turf.

More than 60 “trainers” meandered through the campus searching for monsters, loading up at our two PokeStops and vying for control of our “Pokemon Go” gym.

“I was excited to be able go into somewhere we aren’t usually allowed to go and grab the PokeStops,” said Cambria Sheppard, 21.

Pokemon Go

11 Jul: ‘Pokemon Go’ Fans: Here’s How to Save Your Battery Life and Preserve Data

Yes, it appears the entire world’s saying “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” in unison.

Pokemon Go,” the augmented reality game powered by GPS, is a free hide-and-seek scavenger hunt that’s been atop the app download charts. It’s also why you’ve seen everyone glued to their phones walking around town – they’re trying to capture Pokemon.

But before you head back out to the PokeGym, you’ll want to master the following first.


Keep an eye on not maxing out your data plan

“Pokemon Go” has the tendency to eat up your monthly data allotment.