Black Friday deals

05 Apr: Best Buy Warns of Gift Card Scam

It has become a common scam in recent years: Someone calls an unsuspecting victim to instill panic and pressure them into buying gift cards.

The fraudster might pretend to be with the IRS, threatening that the victim will be arrested if he or she doesn’t pay up by purchasing a gift card. Or they might pose as an attorney for a family member. Or as an online love interest who needs help in paying a debt in the form of a gift card.

Geek Squad 2

07 Feb: Geek Squad Advice: 3 Ways to Guard Against Computer Scammers

Geek Squad

If you’ve been hearing rumblings about an “infected computer” scam going around, where “supposed experts” make a cold call to say they’ve detected an issue with your computer and are ready to assist remotely, you’re not alone.

It’s not only a dangerous scam when it comes to personal information, but it’s a costly one to fix. While Geek Squad Agents can remediate such issues, it’s also important to be proactive.

Expert Geek Squad Agents Derek M. and Ron G. have three quick reminders courtesy of the Geek Squad Intelligence Blog when it comes to protecting yourself from fraud artists.