05 Jan: Geek Squad Advice on Meltdown, Spectre

You might have seen media reports about Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities that could affect technology devices.


What’s going on?

Meltdown and Spectre are not viruses or active attacks. They are security vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious third party to access stored information on an individual device. However, so far there have been no reports of any criminal exploitation of this vulnerability.


What should I do?

In this situation and others like it, Geek Squad recommends downloading the latest software updates and patches for all of your computers, phones and other devices.


07 Oct: Your Home Connected: Concept Becomes Reality at Best Buy

The concept of a “connected home” is becoming reality as 13 percent of broadband homes currently own at least one smart home device, and the industry’s set to double by 2018. That’s because these products are now more accessible and affordable, averaging $50 to $350.

With more people interested in this technology, Best Buy is creating new in-store Connected Home departments to help customers understand and compare their options, as well as improve home security, save energy costs and simplify the management of their homes.