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26 Dec: How to get help with your new tech

There’s nothing like unwrapping new tech over the holidays. And then comes the added fun of testing it all out and getting everything working the way you want.

If you need a hand with that, Best Buy is here to help. We’ve got you covered with a variety of safe and easy ways to get help with installation, setup and troubleshooting for that new holiday tech.

Here are a few examples of the tech support options we provide.

Tech Tips videos

Available on Best Buy’s YouTube channel, Tech Tips videos are a quick way to get help with a variety of popular tech products, including smart displays, Wi-Fi systems and streaming devices.

Best Buy - Wi-Fi

19 Oct: Geek Squad’s New Setup & Support Service Helps Solve Your Wi-Fi Woes

It happened again.

You’re ready to kick back with some popcorn and watch that new movie on Netflix, but as soon as you push play, you’re greeted with that dreaded circle that never seems to stop spinning.

It’s another buffering issue because of a poor Wi-Fi connection.

But there’s help. Enter the new Home Wi-Fi Setup & Support service from Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

Going well beyond what internet service providers typically offer, Geek Squad Agents will optimize your router’s performance by configuring advanced settings you might not know exist.