06 Apr: 5 Tips For Optimizing Your Home Wi-Fi

We’ve all experienced the frustrations of slow, unreliable internet. There are the buffering videos, the slow-to-load websites and the Wi-Fi dead zones.

For many of us, our daily lives revolve around the internet and our connected devices. And that’s even more true since the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I’m relying on my Wi-Fi to help me work, connect with people and stream lots of shows,” said Geek Squad Agent Derek Meister, who is also working from home right now. “So, I need my internet speeds to be on point.”

Samsung Connect Home Smart WiFi

01 Jun: Pre-Order Only at Best Buy: Samsung’s First Smart Wi-Fi System

Everyone knows that spot — or two — in the house where the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach, and where the movie you’re watching endlessly buffers.

Samsung aims to make that an issue of the past.

The Samsung Connect Home is the first smart Wi-Fi system to combine fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage for every room in a home using Samsung’s smart home platform, Samsung SmartThings. It’s available for pre-order only on BestBuy.com and available only in Best Buy stores from July 2-16.

“As we work with customers in stores and in their homes, we know how important it is to have fast, secure and reliable whole-home Wi-Fi, especially with more smart devices now connecting to the web,” said Mary Ortizcazarin, vice president of Smart Home at Best Buy.