Working From Home

family mother and child little helper in laundry room near washing machine

02 Oct: Energy Efficiency Tips for Working From Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, millions of people are spending more time at home. And that means they’re spending more on their home energy bills, too.

That’s why now is a great time to review ways to reduce your energy usage. There are many ways to live more sustainably and save on your electric bill while working, learning and entertaining yourself at home.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Save energy in the laundry room

More time at home means more time for washing and drying clothes, which requires a lot of energy.


13 Apr: How To Enhance Your Home Office For The Short (Or Long) Term

The home office has gone from a luxury to a necessity in the span of just a few short weeks.

That’s because millions of Americans are now forced to work from home full time amid the COVID-19 crisis. With local stay-at-home orders likely to last for weeks to come, now is a great time to upgrade your makeshift workspace into a suitable home office for the long haul.

To learn how to do that, we talked to Jade Sills, a Best Buy In-Home Advisor in Detroit.


27 Mar: Tips For Staying Productive While Working From Home

With many workplaces closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID19), millions of Americans suddenly find themselves navigating the challenges of working from home.

It can be hard to stay productive outside of your normal work setting, so it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment — and game plan — to make it work.

To learn more, we chatted with Derek Meister, a Geek Squad Agent who provides online support for our customers and has nine years of remote-working experience.