13 Jul: Embrace Your Geekness With These 6 Tech Tips

Today is “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” and in celebration, the 20,000 Agents of the Geek Squad have assembled these six tips to help people everywhere get the most out of their favorite gadgets.

 Outsmart your smartphone:

  • Mobile apps and accessories let you do more than make calls or text on your smartphone. Popular apps like Evernote help with productivity, Uber with transportation and Mint with managing your finances.
  • Accessories like Zepp send instant feedback for your tennis, golf and baseball performance wirelessly to your mobile device.

14 May: Best Buy Asks a Veteran PGA Instructor to Test Zepp: Here’s His Grade

Mike Barge has helped golfers sweeten their golf swings as the Director of Instruction at Hazeltine National Golf Club – home of the 2016 Ryder Cup – for more than a quarter century.

Golf Digest called him Minnesota’s best teacher six times over and Barge has even been named the state’s PGA Player of the Year, too.

During that time, he has seen a multitude of training aids for golfers. He especially likes those that aren’t clumsy or obstructive, letting golfers take a regular swing.