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How Tech (and Attitude) Can Help You Run Your Best Race

Running is often a test of human will. Richard Tucker learned that on a recent 18-mile run as he trained for the Eugene Marathon in Eugene, Oregon.  

“One thing I underestimated was how mentally draining this is,” he said.

This is Richard’s first race, a bucket list item he’s determined to cross off. As race season starts, thousands of others will do the same.

To overcome mental blocks on long runs, Richard, a Best Buy Blue Shirt, turned to technology to help him cross the finish line. It’s advice that any runner, new or veteran, can take on the road.

Set the tunes

Richard says one of the biggest ways to win on long runs is to create a playlist that fits the training you need.

“Depending on what my run route is, if I’m doing a hilly run I need to have more aggressive music, but if it’s just a recovery run, that’s where I’ll have a relaxed beat going,” he said.

He listens to his beats using wireless headphones. His favorite are the Bose SoundSport® Free wireless headphones because they’re true wireless — no wires whatsoever.

“I don’t like having things flop around when I’m running. And I’ve noticed when people come in the store, they don’t like having wires to deal with either, especially if they are doing something physical,” he said.

Track your run

Logging miles and hitting a goal pace is easy with wearable tech and fitness apps. Richard says there are tons of apps for running, but he’s a fan of Nike+Run Club because it not only tracks your progress, it also lets your loved ones send “cheers” as you’re out hitting the pavement.

He can access the well wishes and miles on his smartwatch.

“Wearable technology has made it easy to train for my race,” Richard said. “When I decided I was going to do this, I treated myself to an Apple Watch. It’s a convenient way to see everything on your wrist so you can hit your pace goal.”

Up your mental game

When the miles get too long and his legs start to give, Richard goes low-tech. He tries to remember that it’s truly a marathon and not a sprint.

“Pride yourself in running one mile and build on that. Working toward a goal, that’s what this is about,” he said. “Mile by mile, you’ll get to that finish line.”


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