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Tech is here to help your health in 2020

If healthy living is part of your New Year’s resolution, Best Buy has a wide variety of products to help you — and your family — reach your goals.

This year, we’ve expanded our offerings in three categories: personal fitness, healthy eating and healthy aging.

To learn more, we checked in with Blue Shirt Ashley Cusicanqui, a fitness enthusiast who works at one of our stores in Paramus, New Jersey.

Personal fitness

We have a wide array of fitness equipment, smartwatches, tracking devices and headphones to help you get through and track your workouts. And last year, we introduced a collection of connected fitness products, including rowing machines, stationary cycles and treadmills that have live video feeds for workouts and motivation.

Workout recovery is another emerging technology, Ashley said. The Hyperice Hypervolt percussive massager is a popular item among recovery products, and it has received strong online reviews.

“That is a lifesaver,” Ashley said. “Oh my gosh, it’s one of the best tools that I’ve found here. I work out religiously, and I get sore a lot. … I started using it, and it is so therapeutic.”

Healthy eating

If weight loss is your game in 2020, a better diet is likely part of your resolution.

Blenders, juicers, air fryers and pressure cookers are all trending now. Blenders are a great way to make smoothies, shakes and other healthy mixes, and juicers can help you get more fruits and veggies in your diet. Air fryers are a great way to prepare food with less oil and create healthier food in small portions. Pressure cookers let you cook nutritious meals quickly.

“It’s hard to stay healthy when convenience is in the way,” Ashley said. “With a lot of these products that are coming out now, they’re making it easier for healthy people to stay healthy and keep up with it and stay motivated.”

Aging and health technology

Tech-forward devices can make everyday life easier for older clients, both those who are healthy and those experiencing medical conditions.

Earbuds, for example, can amplify the sound for those who are hard of hearing. Medical alert devices can be stationary, captured in a smartphone or worn on the wrist. Smart speakers can help with keeping in touch.

Ashley often recommends the TytoHome Medical Exam Kit from TytoCare. It’s a product that allows you to receive on-demand physical exams via a live video chat with a doctor’s office. A physician can then use the data from Tyto to examine, diagnose and treat conditions remotely.

“You can check all your vitals basically while being at the comfort of home and not being at a doctor’s visit,” Ashley said.


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