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Tech-out Your College Experience with the #BESTCOLLEGE Challenge Contest


Students can visit Bestbuy.com/bestcollegechallenge to enter by August 15

School is almost in session, and Best Buy is helping students across America have their best college experience ever.

Everyone knows having the right tech for back-to-school is crucial, and Best Buy has the answer. From exclusive deals on the hottest items to product recommendations to expert advice, Best Buy is here to help.

Not only can students find everything they need for back-to-school at Best Buy, they can now win a fully teched-out room in the #BESTCOLLEGE Challenge Contest.

Now through August 15, students can enter to win one of six Grand Prize packages featuring approximately $2,500 worth of the latest and greatest back-to-school products from Best Buy.

Adding to the fun, Best Buy is bringing some of the most popular internet stars along for the ride, including Logan Paul, Manon Mathews, Zach King and several more. Many of them got their start making videos in college, and they’ll be sharing their tips for having the best college experience ever in July and August.

From laptops and tablets to mini-fridges and coffee makers, we know how important tech is when it comes time to ace that quiz, stay connected with family and friends and, of course, get you through the occasional all-nighter. Simply show us what tools would set you up for success, or share your tips for making the most out of your college experience, and everything you need for back-to-school could be hand-delivered to your doorstep.

And who knows, one of your favorite internet stars might just be the one to deliver your prize if you win.

 Entering is easy. Simply visit the contest homepage and complete one of two #BESTCOLLEGE Challenges:


To have the best college experience, you need the #BESTCOLLEGE tech. So get creative and show us the one piece of technology you can’t live without through a personal photo or video and a short message.

 Challenge 2: #BESTCOLLEGE TIP

From ways to maximize studying time with the latest gadgets to cooking a delicious dinner in a dorm room using the right appliances, there are many clever ways to make your college experience even better. Show us your most helpful #BESTCOLLEGE tip using technology that will make this year the best year yet through a personal photo or video and a short message.

To get you started, check out a #BESTCOLLEGE tip from internet star Trey Kennedy here.

Need more inspiration? You can check out #BESTCOLLEGE videos and photos from your friends and your favorite internet stars at Bestbuy.com/bestcollege, or through the #BESTCOLLEGE hashtag online. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two to help you have your best college experience ever.

For full details on the #BESTCOLLEGE Challenge contest and to enter, visit Bestbuy.com/bestcollegechallenge. And don’t forget to share your best college tips and tech on social media using the #BESTCOLLEGE hashtag.