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Tech Trends: Throwback Gadgets We Know and Love

While so much of technology focuses on the latest mind-blowing innovations of the future, we’ve got a soft spot for some of those throwback products.

If you, or someone you’re shopping for, this holiday season could use a blast from the past, check out this timeless tech.

The Nokia 3310

Remember your first cellphone? It probably looked something like the Nokia 3310. Thanks to this device, phones with buttons no longer have to be a distant memory. Best yet: The phone comes equipped with Snake, your favorite classic phone game. And because of the revolution of plan options, you can pick select wireless carriers for this phone, and you don’t have to go back to counting how many texts you’ve got left for the month.

Super Mario Odyssey

Everyone’s favorite Nintendo series just got an exciting upgrade for the Nintendo Switch. You’ll practically pick up where you left off with Mario and the crew in Super Mario Odyssey, but you’ll do it in new 3D kingdoms. Don’t worry — we promise it’s just as fun as you remember it. 


The Super NES Classic made a reappearance, and the re-release of this throwback gaming excited every Nintendo fan. New features, same beloved games and vintage feel.


Most audiophiles know that music simply sounds better on vinyl. But, did you know that we have an enormous selection of vinyl records at Best Buy? So, when you’re updating your home theater system with the best in the biz, you can also beef up your record collection.

Instant-film camera

No matter how convenient high-res photos right from your phone are, they don’t have the cool factor of an instant-film print. That’s why the Polaroid Originals – OneStep 2 Analog Instant Film Camera and Fujifilm Instax are such wildly popular products to this day. Say cheese!


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