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That Perfect Fall Photo? Here’s How to Get It

Autumn is a colorful time of year, perfect for taking photographs of leaves, trick-or-treaters and outdoor sports action.

Capturing the perfect moment in a photo can be challenging, but we’ve gathered some tips to help. Whether you have a smartphone, DSLR or some other kind of camera, here’s how you can take pictures like a pro.

The basics:

  • Set your resolution to high and use the Auto mode.
  • Try shooting from different angles.

If you’re shooting outdoors, be careful not to take photos of people when the sun is at their back.

 For your phone:

  • Tap the touch screen to focus and control lighting.
  • Zoom with your feet rather than the lens itself.
  • Take advantage of the editing tools in your phone to enhance the image.

For action photos:

  • Use a high shutter speed, or put your camera into Sports
  • Adjust your ISO setting to a higher number if you need more speed.
  • Use a telephoto or long zoom lens to get closer to the action.

For close-ups:

  • Try various angles to shoot objects from different perspectives.
  • Find patterns in the subject matter.
  • Use a tripod.

 For photos in low light:

  • Turn off the flash to capture what your eye is seeing.
  • Use a tripod, brace yourself or rest the camera on something solid to reduce camera shake.
  • Push the shutter gently and smoothly, and you’re more likely to get blur-free photos.

For pictures of people:

  • Put people off-center in the picture. When you have several people in a shot, pose them so their heads are at different levels.
  • In daytime, use flash to fill in the shadows.
  • Bring the person closer to you and use a wide-angle lens to include the environment in the background.

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