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This Year’s Hottest Tech Trends for Holiday Gifting

Picking out the perfect holiday gift can be challenging, especially in a year like this.

But there’s lots of great tech this year — everything from new gaming consoles to multifunctional kitchen appliances. Plus, our Best Buy experts are here to reduce some of the holiday stress and help you pick that perfect gadget for everyone on your list.

We talked to James Logue, a Best Buy Blue Shirt in Roanoke, Virginia, to get some tech recommendations.

Gaming gear

The new Xbox Series X and S and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles have arrived and are in high demand. Inventory of the consoles is limited, so be sure to keep an eye on BestBuy.com, where they’ll be available for purchase as soon as we have them.

“It’s a really exciting time to be a gamer with the recently released consoles,” James said. “And the accessories to pair with them, like the headphones, controllers and games, are a great addition to any gamer’s collection.”

He says one of the most exciting features of the new consoles is the improved multi-player experience, especially during a time when more people are interacting remotely. 

Gift ideas:

Streaming devices

As streaming services introduce even more exclusive streaming content, more people are cutting the cord on their cable and satellite services and turning towards streaming options.

James says streaming devices make amazing gifts because they’re so convenient and many people appreciate the simplicity of the different devices. What’s also cool about the trend is how easily voice assistants integrate into streaming and smart TVs, to make it even easier to binge your favorite shows and movies while you’re home.

With so many options how do you decide on a device? James says it’s helpful to look at the other tech in your ecosystem because that may influence how well your devices sync together.

Gift ideas:

All-in-one appliances

You no longer need a small appliance for every meal because these new appliances are making it easier in the kitchen, says James. He says many people don’t always know about the many functions, but once they discover them, they love them.

“These smaller appliances are really going to make your cooking faster and easier,” James said. “Multi-cookers maximize the space in your kitchen, and they’re perfect for the holidays because the multifunctionality makes cooking a lot of food at once so much easier.”  

Pressure cookers can also air fry, slow cook and sauté. Plus, stand mixers have different attachments, like pasta rollers and veggie spiralizers, to help with all your holiday meals.

Gift ideas:

Foldable phones

The mobile world is always introducing innovation for smartphone users, and the past couple years is no different with the introduction of foldable phones.

“It’s fun to see that foldable phones are coming back, only this time they’re maximizing the use of your screen without have to also take up the space in your pocket,” said James.  

He says the screens are beneficial to everyone because their size allows you to multi-task and increase your productivity while you’re on the go. Ultimately, the devices offer tablet functionality with the durability and protection of a phone.

Gift ideas:

Constant connectivity

You can connect smart devices to your home security system to monitor what’s going on outside, sync them with your TV so you don’t miss anything if you leave the room or use them to connect with loved ones.

“We’re seeing people integrating smart devices into their homes, not only for convenience, but for organization to just make their lives simpler,” James said.

And don’t forget about Wi-Fi to keep your smart devices up-to-speed. James says mesh Wi-Fi can save your household because it reaches all the rooms in your home.

Gift ideas:

Content creation

Our loved ones are spending more time at home this year, and there’s tons of tech to help make fun, creative content.

“I think everyone has a unique and interesting story to share,” James said. “We’re getting a lot of questions from people looking to create content, and it’s an exciting time to show customers how this simple tech can improve their setup.”

James says gifts like microphones, ring lights, tripods and microphones will make it easy for people to tell those stories and produce high-quality content.

Gift ideas:

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