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Tips for Making Your Office More Earth Friendly

Whether your office is at home or in a shared space, there are many easy changes you can make to reduce your workplace’s impact on the earth. By using more energy efficient products and by recycling devices you no longer use, you can make your office more sustainable. Feel good about reducing your impact, while saving money.

For a more sustainable office, follow these five tips.

Be a star

An ENERGY STAR®, that is. ENERGY STAR products are certified to use less energy than standard models. That helps you save money on your utility bill and protect the environment. ENERGY STAR certified products for the office include: monitors, laptops, computers, tablets, printers and light bulbs.

Power down

Plug your devices into a power strip so you can turn everything off when you’re done working for the day. Power strips help to eliminate standby power consumption, which costs the average U.S. household an estimated $100 per year.

Trade in your devices

Bring in that laptop, tablet or phone that’s been sitting in your closet for months and trade it in for a Best Buy gift card. We’ll make sure data is removed from the device and that it’s repaired and repurposed for a second life. Or we will responsibly dispose of it through our recycling program, and you’ll get money to use for your next purchase. Use our estimator at BestBuy.com/TradeIn to get an estimate for what your old devices might be worth.

Recycle that ink and printer

At Best Buy we take all kinds of old electronics — most for free. For some items, like printers and ink, we give you a discount to upgrade to new. Bring in your old ink and get a $2 coupon for every cartridge you recycle. Bring in an old printer and save 15 percent on a new HP printer.

Let the LEDs shine

LED light bulbs can last up to 20 years and use 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. For those who like to be connected, consider the Philips Hue smart bulb, and sync your phone to the bulbs to change their colors or turn them off from afar. No more forgetting to turn off the lights.


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