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These Tips Will Help Keep Your TV From Tipping

As what some consider to be the biggest TV event of the year approaches, we want to make sure your Big Game-watching environment is safe. Saturday is National TV Safety Day, where we help build awareness of the dangers of TV tipping.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 17,000 kids visit the ER each year for injuries suffered from TV tip-over accidents1.

We don’t want this to happen at your house, so take a quick look around and see if your space passes the test.

  • Are your TVs on low, sturdy furniture that was meant for TVs? (Hint: dressers are not meant for TVs). 
  • If you have kids around (even if they are just visiting), are your TVs mounted to the wall or strapped down?
  • Do you have an old, super heavy tube TV that you just can’t bear parting with? Now is a great time to recycle it. Bring that TV into any Best Buy store and we’ll make sure it is recycled by a certified recycler.

Stay safe out there, TV watchers!

Check out this video for more tips.


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