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Top 10 Back to School Items You Might Have Forgotten

Classes are back in session at many U.S. colleges, but according to the National Retail Federation, almost 50 percent of students have completed only half of their Back to School shopping.

Even when all the items are checked off the list, there are bound to be things that got left off.

Don’t worry, Best Buy is here to help with a lineup of the top-10 things you might have forgotten:

1. Ink cartridges: By picking up a few ink cartridges, you’ll never have to stress about faded printing before handing in your papers. Always have a few backups in case of an emergency. Best Buy has cartridges for many brands of printers and in a variety of colors. And don’t forget, My Best Buy members get 15% off every ink purchase.

2. Personal blender: Quickly realizing you don’t have time to make yourself breakfast in the morning? Make a quick smoothie before heading to class with the Insignia – 20-oz Personal Blender ($19.99)

3. Screen protector: You do so much on your phone on a daily basis. The ZAGG – InvisibleShield Screen Protector will make sure your screen stays protected when you accidently drop it walking to class.

4. Portable power pack: Forget having to carry a charger around or running back to the dorm room to juice up that cellphone. The PNY PowerPack T2600 ($19.99) battery packs are lifesavers. Bonus: They’re available in fun colors.

5. Wall charger: Everyone usually has more than a few USB cables at home, but there’s nothing worse than not being able to find that wall charger. You’ll never have to worry about where you will be charging your phone with the Dynex USB Wall Charger ($4.99). Plus, they come in a variety of colors.

6. Headphones: Whether you want to talk on the phone or listen to music, the SOL REPUBLIC – Jax Earbud Headphones ($39.99) are a pair of easy-to-carry earbuds that can make your walk from class to class more enjoyable.

7. Batteries: Whether it’s your Roku Remote or your smoke detector, batteries are always bound to run out of juice. Having an extra pack of Energizer Batteries lying around is an easy way to reduce the inevitable stress of your batteries dying.

8. Mouse: Using that mouse pad on your laptop is convenient while in class, but a wireless mouse like the Logitech – M320 Wireless Mouse ($29.99) is a lot more comfortable when you are busy doing hours of research.

9. Roku: You probably thought you would have time to watch TV, right? When you’re ready to take that much-needed break, the Roku – Streaming Stick ($49.99) will let you watch more than 2,000 channels and wirelessly stream Netflix, YouTube and personal media directly from your smartphone or tablet to your TV.

10. Surge protector: You have tons of devices that need to be plugged in all at once, right? With the Insignia™ – 6-Outlet Surge Protector ($14.99), you can multiply the number of outlets you have and never think about running out of a place to plug-in. Plus, it will keep your electronics safe from voltage spikes.

For more product recommendations, checklists and money-saving deals, visit the Student Tech Center at BestBuy.com.