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As a worldwide company headquartered in Minnesota, the Best Buy Foundation considers proposals from 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that serve the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. This grant opportunity supports Arts & Culture organizations add to the vibrancy of the Twin Cities area and organizations with Teens and Technology programs that provide teens from disinvested communities access to hands-on technology skills and training they need to be prepared for a successful career.

Arts and Culture General Operating Grant

The Arts & Culture Grant provides general operating support to organizations with proven outreach programs serving broad audiences.

Capital Grants

The Best Buy Foundation provides capital support directed specifically toward projects from nonprofit organizations aligned to our core philanthropic focus of Arts and Culture and Teens and Technology. Capital funding is available for current nonprofit partners in the seven-county Twin Cities metro area that have been funded within the last three years by the Best Buy Foundation. This grant includes three areas of focus. If your request falls under multiple areas, please select the category that most closely fits your request.

  1. Brick and Mortar – Support towards the total cost of acquisition, construction, repair, renovation, rehabilitation, creation, or improvement of public spaces or other improvements to a facility for the purpose of teens and technology or arts and culture programming.
  1. Equipment/Technology Hardware – Support towards other capital purchases, including equipment and technology for the purpose of arts and culture or teens and technology. Teens and Tech organizations should provide teens from disinvested communities hands-on access to tech education and tools to be successful in school and future careers. This includes grants for technology purchases that will allow organizations to offer programming such as computing, robotics, 3-D printing, digital photography, filmmaking and videography, graphic design, audio production, game development, programming and app development. It is neither required nor expected that you purchase technology and equipment from Best Buy.

NEW for 2021

  1. Capacity – Due to COVID-19, our community nonprofit partners have been forced to change how they operate. During this time of change, we will be offering the opportunity for a capital capacity grant to nonprofit partners. Capacity funding supports improvement of specific organizational capacities such as infrastructure operations, financial health and programs.

Considerations when applying for a capital grant:

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Current nonprofit partner that has received funding from the Best Buy Foundation within the past three years.
  • Nonprofit partner that has not received a capital grant from the Best Buy Foundation within the past three years.
  • Organization that provides services in the Twin Cities 7-county metro area.
  • Qualified 501 (c)(3) nonprofit or tax-exempt public charity with a valid IRS Tax ID.
  • Grant requested is $100,000 or more. If request is for under $100,000, please contact the Best Buy Foundation staff regarding your capital request for alternative funding options at
  • For capital bricks and mortar requests, organization must have already raised 50% of the capital campaign goal.
  • Must be willing to participate in site visits by Best Buy Foundation staff and Best Buy Foundation Board members.

To apply for a Capital grant:

Capital requests require a site visit. Site visits will be conducted virtually in 2021 between February 15 and April 1, with final decisions announced at the end of April.

Career Pathway Program Grant

The Career Pathway program grant supports organizations that provide tech skills and workforce readiness to help teens achieve a degree or credential, achieve self-supporting wages or have opportunities for further education and career advancement.

Teens and Tech Program Grant

The Teens and Tech program grant supports organizations that encourage teens to learn, experiment and collaborate with the latest technologies, developing skills and experiences to help them succeed in their careers, contribute to their communities and lead outstanding lives. Technologies include computing, robotics (robotics club funding is done through Best Buy Community Grants program), 3-D printing, digital photography, filmmaking and videography, graphic design, audio production, game development, programming and app development.

To apply for a Teens and Tech grant: