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Best Buy employees share life lessons learned from military experience

From leadership to resilience to teamwork, our military employees bring varied skills and perspectives to their roles at Best Buy.   

We’re committed to providing resources and support for veterans to thrive at Best Buy, and we’re grateful for our employees, customers and communities who support our military. 

As Veterans Day approaches, we talked to some of our veterans and members of our Military Employee Resource Group to learn more about what the holiday means to them. 

Krag Bullis, Advanced Repair Agent (Charleston, West Virginia)   

U.S. Army Sergeant, 2004 – 2015  

What has the military taught you? 

A lot of skills, like my Information Technology and logistics background. I was able to meet a lot of people and see life from a different perspective. 

How has Best Buy supported you after your military service? 

I was able to take a six-month paid leave to help recover from post-traumatic stress disorder when I returned from an Iraq and Afghanistan deployment. I also used the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counseling services.  

Why is Veterans Day meaningful to you? 

Veterans Day allows me to reconnect with a lot of my old military family. It’s a chance to reminisce about war stories and check in to see how everyone is adjusting back to the real world. 

Crystal Graham, Sales Advisor (Tyler, Texas) 

U.S. Army Automatic Logistics Specialist, 2012 – 2015  

What has the military taught you? 

Confidence and teamwork. I was a pretty shy person. The Army gave me the confidence to stand up straight and stand tall. It also helped me know that battle buddies have my back. 

How has Best Buy supported you after your military service? 

Best Buy takes care of its employees. I like the different resources, such as EAP. It’s nice to have these resources available to me when I start to feel alone. The company also does small things to honor employees for their military service, like giving us customized Best Buy dog tags.  

Why is Veterans Day meaningful to you? 

I think vets should be celebrated every day, but Veterans Day is the one day where we celebrate the living vets. Knowing that there is a high suicide rate for veterans, it’s a day that reminds us that we are celebrated and recognized for our service.  

Nephtali Ortega, Sales Advisor (Benton Harbor, Michigan) 

U.S. Navy, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, 2018 – present 

What has the military taught you? 

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is resilience — how to come out of a stressful situation and overcome it. 

How has Best Buy supported you during your military service? 

Best Buy always supports my service when I come and go from training. They always keep their doors open for me and try to accommodate my duties. It’s a healthy environment. My experience has been wonderful.  

Why is Veterans Day meaningful to you? 

It’s a day where we [veterans] can enjoy our freedom. In the past, there have been veterans who didn’t get the proper welcome back when they came home from war. Having this day to celebrate reminds me that my people will have my back when I come home.  

Rafael Garcia, Distribution Operations Supervisor (Goodyear, Arizona) 

U.S. Army Sergeant, 2010 – 2016  

What has the military taught you? 

The biggest things I took away from the military were public speaking, teamwork and leadership experience. I gained a lot of leadership experience that transferred to my current career.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today had it not been for the military experience.  

How has Best Buy supported you after your military service? 

By giving me flexibility to work and have time off. I’m thankful for this opportunity to join a great company. I believe job seekers that have veteran experience will be drawn to the company.  

Why is Veterans Day meaningful to you? 

It’s a day to recognize anyone who has served in the military. The day represents the hardships that veterans don’t highlight. It really means a lot for me to hear, “Thank you for your service,” on Veterans Day.  

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