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Best Buy’s new virtual shopping experience brings expert advice to your fingertips

The holiday shopping season has officially begun, and our expert Blue Shirts are standing by, ready to guarantee that you’ll make the nice list this year.  

The next time you’re shopping in a Best Buy store, on BestBuy.com, or scrolling through the Best Buy app, you can quickly and conveniently connect live with our experts located in our virtual store through chat, video or audio call to get a little extra guidance.  

What is the virtual store?  

What started last fall as a pilot is now a nearly 40,000 square foot studio-like space we call our virtual store. It has nearly 10 different product categories and resembles a Best Buy store, but it actually has no customers inside. Instead, our team of tech experts are there, helping customers in real-time as they shop. These experts are specially trained to provide customers with live product demonstrations, answer questions about specific features and capabilities, and help shoppers find exactly the tech they need.   

“We know that shopping for technology can sometimes get complicated and this new virtual store experience gives customers a way to easily connect with another human to get advice and recommendations while they shop,” said Damien Harmon, Best Buy’s executive vice president of omnichannel. “Whether a customer is looking for the latest big screen TV, a piece of fitness equipment, or a kitchen appliance, the virtual experience lets us help our customers on more personal level, even if they’re shopping from their couch.”  

How does it work?  

Customers can connect with our virtual store team while shopping on BestBuy.com or through the Best Buy app by shopping with an expert, or clicking the icon of a Blue Shirt in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on product and category pages. 

Picture this, you’re scrolling through BestBuy.com looking for a new treadmill but you’re not exactly sure which brand or model will be best. Video chat with an industry trained fitness expert as they physically demonstrate the specific features of each model you’re considering.  

Or how about this: you’ve been scouring your local thrift stores, cultivating the ultimate wardrobe. Now, your New Year’s resolution is to become a fashion influencer but you’re not sure which camera or lens to get? Virtually chat with one of our photography experts who can help you see how a photo would look through various lens options, and can help get you the right accessories (you’ll definitely need a ring light.)  

The virtual store experience offers expertise in the following categories:  

  • Computers: Get expert advice on the perfect computer, tablet and software that fits your unique needs.  
  • Home Theater: Find the perfect screen and sound system for your entertainment space. 
  • Major and Small Appliances: Get specifications and demonstrations on everything from refrigerators and dishwashers to making your favorite latte with a new coffee maker.   
  • Cameras and camcorders: Compare equipment, such as cameras, lenses and accessories. 
  • Fitness: Match your fitness goals with the right products, including treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, and recovery and flexibility devices. 
  • Wearable Technology: Learn more about smartwatches and fitness trackers. 
  • Mobile phones: Walk through the ins and outs of your provider and phone, including support for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Google Fi.  
  • Car electronics: Discover the right tech for all your in-car entertainment, audio, GPS navigation, and security needs.  

Customers can also get specific expertise on some of our top brands including:   

  • Apple: Learn about the latest Apple devices, including iPhone, MacBook, iPad and more.  
  • Microsoft: Compare Microsoft products such as laptops, tablets, software, gaming consoles and more.  
  • Google: Find out everything you need to know about Google Chromebooks.  

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