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What’s a Big Game Party without Delectable Food?

No matter who’s competing in the Big Game, one thing that always brings football fans together is good food and tasty beverages.

This year, borrow from the plate of Big Game host city Phoenix to satisfy everyone’s appetite. No matter where you live or what team you root for, Phoenix can inspire your menu and small appliance helpers like these can help you create the tastiest selections:

Slow-cooker The best way to start off the game Phoenix-style is with a good black bean soup. With a slow-cooker you can make your favorite recipe and easily bring it to your friend’s house for the event.  Don’t have time to watch the clock?  Automatic slow cookers switch to the warm setting so you don’t have to worry about checking on your meal. They also have different modes for cooking anything from soups, to desserts to beverages. You may never cook without one again!

Raclette Party Grill – Bring back the taste of summer with perfectly grilled chili chicken skewers – and with the Raclette grill, you can make them without going outside. And don’t worry about clean up, because the spatulas, cooking trays, and grill top are all dishwasher safe.

Quesadilla maker – You know the saying: bring the quesadillas, and they will come. Everyone loves a good quesadilla and with this quesadilla maker, you can make enough for all of your friends. Plus, it has a non-stick surface so you can add all of the things that make quesadillas the wonderful bites of heaven (like tons of cheese)  that they are and they won’t stick to the maker when you serve them.

Panini maker – Go from bringing something ordinary to something extraordinary with a panini maker. You can turn a typical sandwich into toasty, gooey, (and if you want to eat Phoenix-style) spicy goodness. This panini grill allows you to make a panini out of just about anything, including the thickest grilled cheese sandwich to the thinnest crepe. Its surface is ceramic so you won’t have any trouble with annoying flakes or peeling when you try to take your masterpiece out.

Margarita machine – Quickly become the life of the party when you show up with a margarita machine. After all, your friends will need to top off all of the food, and a refreshing margarita is an easy solution with this machine. The blender’s container can hold up to one gallon, and don’t worry about big chunks of ice in your drink because the swivel system shaves and pulverizes it – leaving you with smooth deliciousness.