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With VR, Students Explore the World Without Ever Leaving the Classroom

For most students, a field trip to the Galápagos Islands, Antarctica or Machu Picchu isn’t likely to happen. With virtual reality, though, the classroom can be the starting point for exploration of the world’s wonders

In addition to immersive gaming experiences, VR technology enables people to watch surgeries and scale mountains. Now, Best Buy Education, a division of Best Buy that helps schools with technology needs, and Google for Education are teaming up. They’re offering kits to make VR easy in the classroom. The goal is to ensure that students will be able to use the technology to learn about the world around them – without ever having to leave school.

The companies announced the partnership on Monday during the 2016 International Society for Technology and Education (ISTE) conference in Denver.

Google Expedition Kits, powered by Best Buy Education, help teachers lead students on more than 200 different educational trips. Students can explore cities, coral reefs, landmarks, museums — and even space. They’ll get a first-person view of culture, science and history.

These custom-built virtual reality kits have out-of-the-box-ready devices, including tablets and virtual reality Mattel View-Masters, that bring Expeditions experiences to life. Expeditions can already be used with smartphones through Google Cardboard or tablets in 2D full-screen mode. But now, Best Buy Education will make these kits available to schools for bulk purchase and assisting the technology set-up process with Geek Squad services support.

This is the kind of work we’ve been bringing to schools for years. Best Buy Education helps connect schools with the latest hardware and software technologies and support to ensure that students are enhancing their digital literacy, while preparing themselves for higher education or career opportunities.

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