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Beat the Heat Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t have to choose between your wallet and your comfort this summer. There are plenty of energy efficient and cost-friendly ways to beat the heat.

We turned to Geek Squad Agent Derek Meister in Cleveland, Ohio, to find out some easy ways to keep cool.

Smart home tech can save energy and money

Programmable thermostats, like the Nest Thermostat, learns your cooling preferences within a week and programs temperatures in your home accordingly, which can help you save both energy and money.

Derek suggests setting your Nest and/or manually turning your air conditioner off if no one is home during the day. And raising the temperature slightly when you’re going to sleep is also a good idea, he says. (And check out the range of ENERGY STAR products at Best Buy for devices that can help you live more sustainably.)

Consider alternative air conditioners

It can be inefficient to cool an entire home, especially if you have rooms that go unused. Window or portable air conditioners are great alternatives to cool down the spaces you use most.

And smart plugs like the Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug can help you manage your air conditioning unit, including setting timers and schedules, from anywhere via the Insignia app. (Need help finding the right air conditioner for your home? Check out our Air Conditioner Buying Guide.)

Protect your tech with surge protectors

Too many devices plugged in to stay cool can also cause “brownouts,” which means your home receives less than typical amounts of electricity. Brownouts can cause short- or long-term damage to your tech, so it’s best to turn off devices whenever you can.

“Blackouts can also occur when the local electrical grid is overloaded with air conditioners and other tech,” Derek says. “While the loss of electricity may not damage your items, the sudden power surge as power is restored just might.”

Power surge protectors, like Monster Core Power Surge Protector or the Insignia 8-Outlet Surge Protector, can smooth out the power traveling to your devices to avoid frying electronics or shortening their lifespan.

Think outside the home

Nobody wants to hop into a scalding car on a hot July day. Skip the hunt for a shaded parking spot and grab a remote car starter, like the CompuStar Remote Car Starter, to cool down your car before you get in.

And beating the heat is important for our lawns, too. Rachio smart sprinkler helps you manage your sprinkler and its schedule via your smartphone. Rachio connects to your local weather and uses watering algorithms to help you be more efficient with water use, and save you money, all while keeping your lawn and plants healthy.


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