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Best Buy’s Take Stock project celebrates real stories through photographs

When it comes to creating the stock photography we use for cultural moments and our marketing campaigns, we decided to do things differently this year.  

We wanted to give creators more control of their work, especially when it’s based on their identity and depicts their communities and unique perspectives. That’s where the Take Stock Project comes in. As part of the project this year, we asked three photographers to tell their own stories of how people in their communities use technology. We also funded each photoshoot and made sure the photographers retained the rights to sell their images anywhere, including stock photography sites.   

The inspiration behind the project was to empower artists to create true-to-life images of their own communities to be featured in Best Buy campaigns, and make sure they can resell the photos, so the profits stay within the communities that created them. The project is part of our ‘More of This’ marketing campaign, which we launched early last year as part of Best Buy’s broader inclusion and diversity work to give more access, representation and recognition to more communities. 

“I think the imagery is very beautiful,” said Christian Rodriguez, one of the photographers and creators that took part in the project. “The freedom we all got in terms of the stories we wanted to share, it all clicked.”  

Meet the photographers  

The images taken as part of the Take Stock project will appear in Best Buy marketing campaigns year around. We will also use them to celebrate cultural moments and inclusivity throughout the year, including Black History Month, Pride Month and Latinx Heritage Month.  

Learn more about each photographer and their inspiration: 

  • Alexis Hunley is an LA-based artist and the creator behind our Take Stock photoshoot celebrating LGBTQIA+ people. Alexis’ work highlights loving friendships between people of all genders and the joy of chosen family.  
  • Naima Green is an artist, photographer and professor based in New York. She captured images of Black people using tech in authentic situations for our Take Stock photoshoot. Naima’s work depicts unapologetic Black relaxation in urban green spaces and Black artists at work.  
  • Christian Rodriguez’s work focuses on cultural identity and the Dominican diaspora. He is based in New York and photographed members of the Latinx community for our Take Stock project. Christian’s work showcases intimate family moments and vibrant community settings. 

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