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Best Buy Offers Doorstep E-waste Collection in St. Louis

In celebration of Earth Month, Best Buy will be testing a convenient new program that offers St. Louis residents free doorstep pickup of old tech and appliances for recycling. 

Since 2009, we have helped our customers recycle 2 billion pounds of tech. As the nation’s largest retail collector of e-waste, our recycling program is part of our continued commitment to protect the environment. This limited-time activation is one way we’re striving to support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their products, making it easier for them to give their tech a second life and out of landfills.  

The doorstep recycling program will be available to the first 1,000 customers to make an appointment starting April 12. You can find a list of the items we accept for recycling and determine your eligibility using your ZIP code here.

We will pick up old tech regardless of where it was bought, how old it is or who made it. Items we will pick up include up to one large item, such as a TV or home appliance, and unlimited medium or smaller items, such as cameras and cables. 

Customers can also recycle or trade-in their old tech with us year-around, either at a store or online.

How St. Louis doorstep recycling works

Follow these steps to set-up your free doorstep recycling pick-up:

1) Set up your appointment (click here).

  • Click the “Add to Cart” button for doorstep recycling and use the promo code: STLOUISRECYCLING during the checkout process, which will adjust the price in your cart to $0.

2) Get your devices and appliances ready:

  • Check to see what items we are accepting – doorstep recycling is currently limited to one large item, such as a major appliance or any size TV and an unlimited number of medium/smaller items.
  • Our recycler renders all data unrecoverable, but you can also delete your personal and identifiable data and wipe your own hard drive before coming in. Here’s how to do it.

3) Look for a confirmation email:

  • Prepare your items by making sure they are clean and fully disconnected prior to the date of your appointment.
  • Our drivers will call you before your appointment to verify the pick-up.

Learn more about recycling your tech at Best Buy here and our commitment to the environment here.