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Live more sustainably with this exciting tech at Best Buy

April is Earth Month, making it the perfect time to strive for a more sustainable lifestyle. Small changes to your daily routine can make an impact on the planet. Maybe you’ve already started bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or spent time learning your community’s recycling guidelines.

But now you don’t quite know what’s next in your sustainability journey.

We’re here to help. Best Buy offers a variety of sustainable tech suitable for all lifestyles. From smart plugs to electric scooters, you can choose what’s best for you to reduce your environmental impact.

Here are some products to consider.

ENERGY STAR® certified products

Products that earn the ENERGY STAR label use less energy and help reduce energy bills. A significant amount of carbon emissions come from electricity production so reducing your energy use is better for the environment. We have been named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the 11th consecutive year for the work we do to help customers save energy.

Keep your home at the perfect temp with this Nest 3rd generation smart thermostat. Easily install yourself and set up a heating and cooling schedule in the app so you’re not wasting energy on an empty home.

Built with recycled plastic and an energy efficient battery, this Acer laptop is perfect for surfing the web, multitasking and multimedia creation.

Chill your favorite foods and reduce your energy usage with this Insignia freezer refrigerator.

This all-in-one washer/dryer combo with ventless heat pump technology makes daily life simpler by eliminating the need to transfer clothes between machines, saving energy and revolutionizing the way you do laundry.

More sustainable tech

Visit the Best Buy app or BestBuy.com and browse the Sustainable Living shopping page to see all the electronics we offer to help you lessen your carbon footprint.

Scoot your way to work on this Max G2 electric scooter. Ride more than 40 miles before your next charge and easily store in a small space with its folding design.

Ensuring your devices and appliances are turned off is easy with these Bluetooth-compatible plugs that can save money and energy.

Light up your home with these energy efficient LED bulbs. These Bluetooth-compatible smart lights can be controlled with the touch of a button or your voice.

Our commitments to the planet

In June 2019, we set a goal to help our customers reduce their carbon emissions by 20% and save more than $5 billion on their energy bills by 2030 through the use of ENERGY STAR certified products.

In addition to selling products to help our customers live more sustainably, we are working to expand our sustainable packaging offerings, reducing our carbon emissions across our business and helping our customers recycle their old tech.

Click here to learn more about Best Buy’s sustainability efforts.