14 Mar: Go Behind the Scenes at the New Alienware Esports Training Facility

What was once thought of as a niche pastime, PC gaming has come into its own, thanks in large part to the growing fan interest in professional competitive video gaming, or esports.

The numbers paint the picture, as industry experts say the global esports audience will reach 380 million this year. In 2016, the League of Legends world championship sold out the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with more than 30 million people viewing the event online.

As the hype surrounding professional video gaming continues to grow, especially in the United States, PC gaming manufacturer Alienware — with professional video gaming team Team Liquid — officially opened the doors on its own esports training facility in Los Angeles just last week to offer up some sophisticated support for PC gamers.

Best Buy - Alienware

07 Mar: Alienware PC Gaming Experience Coming to Best Buy Stores

When you think of video games, you might imagine playing on a console in front of a TV. But for a growing number of players, video games are best played on a high-powered PC or laptop instead.

Players love PC gaming because it’s highly customizable. They can upgrade graphics cards, processors and hard drives to enhance the graphics and speed for a better gaming experience. It also has played a big role in the growth of electronic sports, or e-sports, a form of competitive gaming.