30 Sep: Married managers welcome baby girl into their Best Buy family

Like many people, Beverly and Ted Minda found themselves reflecting on their priorities amid the pandemic.

The Mindas — both general managers at Best Buy stores near Philadelphia — have been married since 2008 and had been trying for years to start a family. But they struggled with infertility and ended up putting their plans on hold as they got busy with their careers.

“We’ve wanted kids forever,” Beverly said. “When COVID happened, this moment hit us where everybody else was at home and talking about trying to balance kids and work.

Best Buy - nursery

11 May: Peek-A-Boo: Smart Nursery Products Help Monitor and Care for Baby

Parents want to keep their babies safe, sound and satisfied. Now, smart nursery products help make that easier.

For today’s tech-savvy parents, Best Buy now has a new collection of internet-connected nursery devices. You can find them in every big box store across the country and online at

In addition to products we’ve sold for years – like connected baby monitors and food preparation appliances – we’ve added smart products that help parents do everything from monitoring babies’ oxygen levels, to tracking their food intake, to sharing special moments with family and friends.