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10 Feb: Best Buy’s Career Pathways program propels teens to tomorrow’s careers — today

In New Orleans — a city steeped in music and the birthplace of jazz — a Best Buy Teen Tech Center is honoring the town’s rich musical tradition by helping up-and-coming artists shine. How? By giving them the tools to turn passion into profession.

Each week, Raymie Wolfe meets with a group of local teens and helps them take a deep dive into electronic music production, video creation and audio engineering. By following a curriculum developed through a partnership with the GRAMMY MUSEUM, the teens are able to earn industry-level certifications in audio production, as well as become proficient in using industry-standard tools and recording equipment.


12 Sep: Detroit teens build community through technology

DETROIT — Earlier this summer, a group of teens fanned out across southwest Detroit with an assignment: Make a video that celebrates their neighborhood using every letter from A to Z.

So, they split up and illustrated landmarks by letter. For instance, C is for Clark Park. Then they took photos and video, learned how to do voice-overs and recorded them at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center. They’ll edit and aim to complete the video this fall.

“Once you get them going, they’ll learn and teach me,” said Francisco “Cisco” Tinoco, the center’s coordinator and ABC project assigner.

Naje Wright

18 Mar: Teen wins global award for poem she wrote for Best Buy video

In just over a year, Naje Wright went from being a curious teen with a passion for technology to winning a prestigious global creative award.

Naje, 16, recently won the The One Club for Creativity’s “Emerging Writer” award at the One Screen Short Film Festival for a “spoken word” poem she wrote for a Best Buy marketing campaign. The other winners included film makers, ad agencies and big brands from around the world.

Naje was one of three teens featured in the campaign aimed at boosting awareness for the young people supported by Best Buy’s Teen Tech Centers, which train teens from underserved  communities for tech-reliant jobs in the future.


11 Feb: Students get career inspiration from Grammy tour

One of the biggest nights in music took place Sunday in Los Angeles: the 61st Annual Grammy Awards®. The show brought together celebrities and some of the most well-known artists in music from across all genres.

It took a lot of technology and expertise to pull it all off — a great example for teens interested in related careers.

A group of such students was able to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the action, thanks to Best Buy and corporate partners at JBL.


07 Jan: ‘Technology is really what we need to help us succeed’ [VIDEO]

Students from the Best Buy Teen Tech Center in Chicago are getting their hands on virtual reality tech and the possibilities it holds for the future.

A partnership among Best Buy, Facebook and Oculus is helping to make VR technology real for Chicago youth. It’s part of Best Buy’s commitment to enrich lives through technology. Together with our partners, we’re building brighter futures for teens around the country.

“Technology opens up more opportunities for people,” said Nicolas, a Teen Tech Center student.


14 Nov: Best Buy, Oculus Bring VR to Teens at Chicago Teen Tech Center

Virtual reality is becoming one of the leading technology trends, and Oculus has teamed up with Best Buy to bring this emerging tech to students in underserved communities.

Students at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Little Black Pearl school in Chicago were recently surprised by Oculus with VR headsets to use in the center. These headsets will introduce students to the possibilities of VR, while also showing how the cutting-edge technology can be applied to their own future career aspirations.


26 Sep: Best Buy, Clubhouse Network partner to bring tech to Boston teens

Jobs of the future will increasingly require technology skills, and Best Buy wants to make sure today’s teens are ready.

This week, we partnered with The Clubhouse Network to celebrate the grand opening of The Flagship Clubhouse, a Best Buy Teen Tech Center in Boston powered by iRobot. It’s a place where teens will have free access to a wide range of technology and skills training.

Teen Tech Centers are a key part of our commitment to helping prepare teens from underserved communities for tech-reliant jobs.

Best Buy - recovery

09 Feb: Best Buy Investing in Houston’s Post-Hurricane Recovery

About 150 8th grade students at Fleming Middle School in Houston got hands-on and learned how to build their own computers on Friday – with the help of dozens of Best Buy volunteers. It was the latest, but certainly not the last, example of Best Buy’s investment in Houston schools, nonprofits and surrounding community.

Best Buy employs thousands of technically skilled employees in the greater Houston area. Many of them were affected by Hurricane Harvey last August. While we addressed our employees’ immediate needs, we also knew the path to full recovery for them and for the Houston community would be a long one.

Best Buy - Teen Tech Center

09 Jan: Best Buy opens new Teen Tech Center ahead of CES in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — The greatest minds in technology have converged on Las Vegas this week for CES, the annual consumer electronics trade show. Media are flocking to see the shiniest new gadgets and innovators are showing off their latest creations.

But the biggest dreamers were 6 miles off the Strip, away from the glitz and glamor.

Tucked inside the Las Vegas-Clark County Library is the newest Best Buy Teen Tech Center, which officially opened on Monday. It’s the 14th location of its kind in the nation.

Best Buy - community

05 Dec: New Best Buy Teen Tech Center Brings Opportunity to Community

For Hamza Noor, attending the grand opening of a new Best Buy Teen Tech Center in Minneapolis on Tuesday was a homecoming of sorts.

He spent four years as a student attending the original Teen Tech Center at the downtown Minneapolis Central Library. Now, he will help teens gain skills they’ll need for the future as a Teen Tech Center employee at Pillsbury United Communities’ Brian Coyle Center — in the neighborhood where he grew up.

“I learned so much at the [downtown] Teen Tech Center, and now this new location will let all of the youth of Cedar-Riverside have the same opportunities,” Hamza said.

tech center-best buy

22 Feb: Tech Center Teens Get Career Advice From Best Buy

When it comes to applying for a first job — or any job for that matter — many people stress over writing their resume and preparing for the interview process.

Best Buy recently helped 25 students from the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Little Black Pearl in Chicago learn how to turn that stress into success during a company-sponsored career workshop.

The goal: to give the students pointers on professionalism and how to stand out as a job candidate.

“It was amazing to see the “ah-ha” moments when they learned to look at things differently” said Frank Barciak, a human resource manager for Best Buy Mobile.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center 1

20 Oct: Best Buy Doubles Down, Opens 4 Teen Tech Centers Nationwide

A 12-year-old aspiring inventor created a desk fan for his mom with parts from a broken PC and a cardboard box. Adding a single-throw switch, and wires for the circuit, the fan came alive. Beaming with pride, the boy started his own fan project with a completed prototype and has plans to design a custom enclosure using a 3D printer and a program called Tinkercad.

Believe it or not, he brainstormed and executed his fan project within the walls of the Best Buy Teen Tech Center in Minneapolis.