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27 May: Best Buy Aims To Simplify Smartphone Shopping

The smartphone industry has changed significantly in recent years as the category as evolved because of changes like installment billing, unlimited data plans and the proliferation of prepaid and unlocked devices.

This shift has created more options and choice for consumers, but it has also made it more confusing and complicated to choose the right device and plan.

That’s why Best Buy is revamping the mobile departments in our stores and enhancing the online presence at BestBuy.com to create a better, easier, more seamless shopping experience for customers.

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29 Jan: Half of People Are on the Wrong Mobile Plan, Best Buy Data Shows

Looking to upgrade your cellphone? It might be time to update your mobile plan, too.

More than 1 million people had their cellphone plans reviewed at Best Buy stores over the holiday season, and 50 percent of them found out that they were either overpaying for the data in their plan, or could get more for the same price.

Those customers saved an average of $35 per month — a total of more than $3 million — by switching plans, according to internal data from Nov.