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09 Aug: Campus finds: tech you didn’t know you needed

Now that you’ve got the college basics down, let Best Buy offer some tips for getting to the head of the class.

Whether you’re commuting around campus, styling your dream dorm room or optimizing your  study sessions, check out this tech to help you achieve an A+ semester.

Study smart

reMarkable paper tablet

Forgo traditional note-taking frustrations and replace it with a tablet that looks and feels like paper, with unlimited virtual pages, special tags and folders to keep organized. Plus, reMarkable tablets are now available in select Best Buy stores too, so you can see them firsthand.

Best Buy

04 Aug: You’re Ready for College — Is Your Technology?

Everyone knows time moves fastest when you don’t want it to. That ice cream cone you planned to savor is gone in a flash, and the vacation you couldn’t wait for flies by before you know it.

Summer always goes too fast, too, especially when you’re a student. All of a sudden it’s time to get ready to head back to school, and you’re left holding the (beach) bag.

There’s so much to do to prepare for a new school year that it’s easy to neglect the crucial task of making sure technology is working properly and ready to go.