Corporate Responsibility


06 Feb: Forced Labor Not Acceptable

Best Buy is committed to the International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions and will not stand for any practices that run counter to the Core Conventions, including forced labor.

We source our private label products from seven countries and approximately 185 factories that employ over 165,000 workers, of which fewer than 200 are foreign migrant workers (i.e., workers who travel temporarily from their home country for employment). As an active member of the Responsible Labor Initiative, we understand that forced labor conditions are a risk in some of these regions, especially for foreign migrant and other vulnerable workers.


03 Dec: Best Buy named to Newsweek’s Most Responsible Companies list

Best Buy landed at No. 53 on America’s Most Responsible Companies list, published by Newsweek. In the first year of the ranking, we earned the third-highest score among retailers.

Being a responsible company has been a focus of Best Buy for more than a decade. We believe in taking care of the environment, treating people well and helping our communities stay strong. We are proud of the milestones we have reached so far, such as collecting more than 2 billion pounds of e-waste for recycling.

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30 Jun: Best Buy Releases 2016 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report

It was another banner year for Best Buy’s sustainability work. Today we released our 2016 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report, in which we detail the many ways we positively impacted our communities. It’s where we explain our key social and environmental issues, the progress we’ve made during the year and our goals for the future.

Here are a few highlights:

Climate change was front and center. We attended the United Nations global climate negotiations (COP21), signed onto the American Business Act for Climate Change and reset our absolute carbon reduction goal to 45 percent by 2020.

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17 Sep: Best Buy Named to Prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index

For the fourth consecutive year, Best Buy has been named to the Dow Jones Index for Sustainable Investing (DJSI), the longest-running global sustainability rankings. The DJSI follows a best-in-class approach to measure and compare companies on environmental, social and corporate governance criteria.  Used by investors around the world to evaluate leadership and risk management, the Index is the official sustainability performance ranking of the largest 600 North American companies.

Best Buy held its ranking in the retail category, scoring in the 84th percentile, 18 points above the average retail company, a clear reflection of the company’s commitment to creating a thriving business while continuing to make a positive impact on the world.