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21 Mar: Don’t Let Your Data Break the Bank on Vacation

The only thing worse than having to leave a glorious vacation is coming home to a gigantic wireless phone bill. All that social media posting, picture sharing and video chatting can add up to a pricey souvenir nobody wants.

People like Eddie Rojas, manager of the Best Buy Mobile store in the Dolphin Mall near Miami, have seen the faces of folks suffering from data overindulgence.

“Panicked parents are who we get,” he said. “Kids aren’t too worried about their data because a lot of times it’s mom and dad who pay the bill.

Best Buy - data

11 Jul: Backing Up Data Is as Easy as 3-2-1

Deciding to back up your data is the first step to ensuring that your important photos, documents and files are protected against loss or damage.

How you approach backing up that data can increase that protection.

At Geek Squad, we recommend you follow the “3-2-1 backup strategy.” That is, we want you to make sure your data is protected by having at least three copies in two different formats, with one of those copies off site.

3 devices

When we talk about 3 different copies, we mean three totally different devices.


30 Nov: Data Disappeared? Geek Squad Has Your Back

Pictures of your new baby. Video from the family holiday gathering. A big term paper.

Sometimes important data seems to disappear from your device.

Before you panic, head to your local Best Buy store. Geek Squad Agents just might be able to help.

All U.S. Best Buy locations are now able to perform Level 1 data recovery — that is, find deleted and formatted files — on fully functioning devices in Geek Squad Precincts. Before, devices would need to be sent to Geek Squad City in Kentucky for the service.