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05 Feb: Fight Against Flu Includes Keeping Your Phone Clean

You’ve made it this far into winter without succumbing to a fever, the chills and the aches. Don’t let your guard down yet, though — we’re still in the heart of flu season.

You got your flu shot, and you heed the warnings about washing your hands and covering your mouth. But have you thought about that germ cesspool you touch a thousand times a day? 

Yes, it’s your cellphone (and other tech devices, for that matter). 

”Your cellphone can get pretty dirty,” says Agent Nick Karakatsoulis, who manages the Geek Squad at the Best Buy store in Mobile, Alabama.

19 Feb: 4 Tips to Keep Your Phone Germ-Free as Possible

Flu season is overstaying its welcome this winter, and the CDC can prove it.

Your mobile phone, that thing that’s probably attached to your hand most of the day, is a magnet for germs, and we’ve been getting questions from customers on the best way to keep it clean.

Our Geek Squad Agents have answers. See what they say to four frequently asked questions about mobile device hygiene.


1. What’s the safest way to disinfect (clean and kill germs) most mobile phones?