06 Jun: For this Best Buy employee, a marathon wasn’t enough

For most runners, a marathon is the accomplishment of a lifetime. For others, like Luis Montoya, 26.2 miles just won’t cut it.

Luis, an employee at the Best Buy store in Warwick, Rhode Island, started running seven years ago to lose weight and get in better shape. He ran a 5K, then a 10K, a half marathon and finally a full marathon. But he didn’t stop there.

Luis, 53, now runs ultramarathons. He has completed races of 32 miles and 50 miles, and he’s currently training for a 100-mile race.

07 Mar: How to Find the Fitness Tracker That’s Right For You

You’re making fitness moves.

Maybe you’re ditching the elevator for the stairs, fitting in a few more days at the gym or throwing a few more miles onto that run. You’re stepping up your game big time but still need that push every now and again.

Let a fitness tracker help you.

We get it — with plenty of health and fitness wearables to choose from, finding the right one to slap on your wrist can prove challenging.

But it’s all good.


20 May: Ride Easier this Memorial Day with Best Buy’s Road Trip Tech Tips

With lower gas prices and an earlier-than-normal Memorial Day, travel this weekend is projected to be the busiest in a decade.  According to AAA, there will be 37.2 million people on the nation’s highways and byways. Best Buy has five great tech travel gear tips to make your road trip memorable and smooth.

1. Travel tunes – You can’t have a road trip without the ultimate playlist. First, make sure your vehicle is MP3 player-ready by installing a car adapter so you can play tunes through your car speakers.