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06 Aug: Geek Squad Agent donates kidney to colleague

You can work with people for years and not know much about them. Unless you’re like Katie Moran, a social butterfly who knows just about everyone at Best Buy’s Geek Squad City.

Katie, a Geek Squad Agent at the technology-repair facility in Kentucky, noticed that friend and colleague Agent Mike Beams was missing a lot of work.

“When it kept happening, I started asking him more questions about what’s going on,” Katie said.

She learned Mike was sick and getting sicker.


09 May: Geek Squad Agents Save Choking Man at Minnesota Hotel

After wrapping up a busy day of meetings at the Best Buy headquarters on Tuesday, a group of Geek Squad Autotechs from across the country returned to their hotel to relax. Little did they know they were about to save a man’s life.

Ethan Kimmel of Portland, Oregon, and Nick Potter of Naples, Florida, were hanging out in the bar area, talking to some fellow Geek Squad Agents, when someone in the group pointed out what he thought was a man assaulting an older man about 20 yards away.

Dad and Me

10 Jan: Hearing his late father’s voice again, in a Best Buy store

Just a few days into 2019, one customer says Best Buy has already made his year by saving something he couldn’t replace: his late father’s voice.

Halidor Arkellsson is a longtime Best Buy customer whose father’s confusion about voicemail turned out to be a gift he treasured.

His father, Dale, liked that answering machines allowed him to talk until someone heard him and picked up the phone to continue the conversation. But when phone technology evolved to software-based voicemail and took away that interactive feature, Halidor’s dad didn’t immediately convert along with it.

Autotechs working

20 Dec: Geek Squad Autotechs rev up for their Black Friday: Dec. 26

Best Buy’s sales associates are just wrapping up the holiday shopping rush, but the busiest time of year has yet to happen for our Geek Squad Autotechs. Their “Black Friday” comes on Dec. 26.

It’s prime time in our install bays as customers open their gifts and want their new remote starts and radios installed ASAP. The average Autotech has three appointments on a normal business day. But they do three to four times that number on the day after Christmas.


24 Oct: An Agent and a young patient inspire each other

It takes some people their entire lives to learn how to live in the moment.

But at just 16 years old, Christian was a master at it. Cancer will do that to a teenager. Christian’s ability to find humor in the toughest times made him an instant friend with Geek Squad Agent Elliot Nelson.

The pair met while Christian was being treated at Children’s Minnesota in Minneapolis. Agent Nelson works at the philanthropic Geek Squad Precinct inside the hospital.

Their shared passion for video games and laughs is a reminder that friends can make even the most painful moments a little less so.


19 Sep: Avoid those cracked screens, dropped laptops and other campus tech fails

The school year is in full swing, and all those new back-to-school gadgets are (hopefully) being put to good use. Now, the goal is to keep them that way.

College-bound students spent the biggest chunk of their back-to-school budgets on consumer electronics this year,* and unfortunately (but not totally surprising), 18-to-24 year-olds are more likely than the general population to have accidents with their tech. College students are especially at risk for tech mishaps**.

Aaron Perkins is a senior at West Virginia University, and he’s also a Geek Squad Agent at our store in Morgantown, West Virginia.


07 Aug: ‘Geek Squad heroes’ save Michigan man’s day

Sonny Guizzetti had seemingly tried everything but couldn’t figure out how to get his laptop or tablet to connect to FaceTime.

“I was getting so frustrated it was driving me crazy,” the Michigan man recalled.

So, he jumped in his car and drove to his local Best Buy store in Marquette, Michigan, to get some help from his friends at the Geek Squad.

Problem solved.

It wasn’t a quick fix, but Geek Squad Agent Eric Nelson was patient and stuck with it until he found a solution.


18 Jul: EMT-certified Agent helps fellow Agent at crash scene

Geek Squad Agents Lizandra Hernandez and William Lomeli were driving between house calls in Fresno, California, one morning in early June when they came upon a crash involving a car and a motorcycle at a busy intersection.

First responders hadn’t arrived yet, so Lizandra — a certified EMT — took charge. She jumped out of the Geek Squad van and began to assess the condition of the motorcyclist.

While checking for life-threatening injuries, she asked the man to remove his jacket. She noticed he was wearing a white, short-sleeved shirt and a black tie.

Best Buy - Total Tech Support

22 May: Finally, there’s one service you can rely on for advice and help for all your tech needs

Best Buy Total Tech Support members receive unlimited Geek Squad help in-store, by phone, online and via the Best Buy Home app, no matter where or when they bought their products.

MINNEAPOLIS – (May 22, 2018) – For the first time, Best Buy customers can get help for all their technology and appliances, immediately and easily, no matter where or when they bought them. Best Buy Total Tech Support Powered by Geek Squad launches nationwide today, bringing  Americans the technology troubleshooting and support they need with convenience — and a price — that is hard to beat.

Best Buy - badges

11 Apr: Geek Squad Introduces New Badges for Longtime Agents

John Dahlquist has been with Geek Squad longer than Geek Squad has been with Best Buy.

He first joined the tech-support task force 21 years ago, and he’s been an Agent ever since. He even has a special badge to prove it.

Agent Dahlquist is one of the nearly 60 Geek Squad Agents around the country receiving newly redesigned badges this week. The Agents all have been with the company continuously since at least 2004, when Best Buy rolled out Geek Squad across the U.S.

Best Buy - REI - Outdoor

23 Mar: Vacation Adventures Mix Outdoor Activity and Technology

Vacations and active outdoor sports are a natural pairing. If you’re itching to get off your beach towel this year to burn some calories instead of your skin, why not try an active outing such as hiking, mountain biking or stand-up paddle boarding? You’ll enjoy a healthy dose of fresh air, and all three activities can easily be done by beginners.

To help you get ready for your new adventures, we asked the outdoor gear and activity experts at REI for some helpful advice.

Best Buy - hurricane

20 Mar: From Puerto Rico to Denver and Back: An Agent’s Post-Hurricane Adventure

For Geek Squad Agent Marcos Puchols, Hurricane Maria started a whirlwind adventure that would lead him from Puerto Rico to Denver and back again.

In the early days after the storm, many Puerto Ricans found themselves without food, water or electricity. And, with Best Buy’s stores on the island damaged, Marcos wasn’t sure what his future held.

But that uncertainty quickly gave way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With help from Best Buy, Marcos temporarily relocated to Denver, where he and his wife, Kathy, were able to work and maintain some sense of normalcy.