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23 May: Fitness Tracker Tips from the Fittest City in America

Duluth, Minnesota, is fit as a fiddle.

That’s according to Fitbit, which recently named Duluth the fittest city in America, based on metrics from Fitbit’s more than 10 million U.S. users. Researchers analyzed details including duration of sleep per night, daily steps and resting heart rate.

The city of about 86,000 people, about 150 miles northeast of Minneapolis, sits on Lake Superior and is surrounded by nature. This is one of the reasons Blue Shirt Adam Bersell, a health and fitness wearables expert at the Duluth Best Buy store, isn’t surprised by the ranking.

07 Mar: How to Find the Fitness Tracker That’s Right For You

You’re making fitness moves.

Maybe you’re ditching the elevator for the stairs, fitting in a few more days at the gym or throwing a few more miles onto that run. You’re stepping up your game big time but still need that push every now and again.

Let a fitness tracker help you.

We get it — with plenty of health and fitness wearables to choose from, finding the right one to slap on your wrist can prove challenging.

But it’s all good.