Holiday season


22 Oct: Best Buy kicks off holiday season with free next-day delivery on thousands of items

Shoppers in even more of a hurry can get their order within an hour with Store Pickup.


This year, Best Buy is making it easier — and much, much faster — to get the tech on everyone’s wish lists.

About 99 percent of Best Buy customers (so, almost everyone) now get Free Next-Day Delivery on thousands of items. From tablets to headphones to espresso machines, tons of the most popular holiday items are included. But, it excludes some bigger and heavier things like big-screen TVs and refrigerators (basically if it’s too big to fit down the chimney).


04 Oct: Best Buy hiring thousands to help customers this holiday season

Omar Yusuf applied for a seasonal job in computers at Best Buy two years ago, never thinking it would turn into a career.

“When I started, it was around November, so I just got thrown into the frenzy,” Omar said. “I was in checkouts, and it felt like a rush. It’s really fun, actually.”

Now, Omar is a full-time expert of all things smart home at Best Buy’s store in Maplewood, Minnesota.

His story is fairly common at Best Buy. People come in for a part-time gig or to earn extra spending money, and they end up staying and building a career.