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09 Feb: Best Buy Investing in Houston’s Post-Hurricane Recovery

About 150 8th grade students at Fleming Middle School in Houston got hands-on and learned how to build their own computers on Friday – with the help of dozens of Best Buy volunteers. It was the latest, but certainly not the last, example of Best Buy’s investment in Houston schools, nonprofits and surrounding community.

Best Buy employs thousands of technically skilled employees in the greater Houston area. Many of them were affected by Hurricane Harvey last August. While we addressed our employees’ immediate needs, we also knew the path to full recovery for them and for the Houston community would be a long one.

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15 Sep: 4K Ultra HD Comes to Your Local Watering Hole

The next TV trend – 4K Ultra HD – isn’t just on display at your local Best Buy.

It may also be on display at your favorite neighborhood hang-out — from L.A. to Houston to New York.

And during select times, these local establishments will be the place to be with an event-like atmosphere complete with games, gift card giveaways, and more. In addition, an expert Blue Shirt will be on site to share the fun facts on the next TV trend.