16 Nov: 3 Best Buy stores shuttered by hurricanes reopen

Three Best Buy stores that had been closed because of hurricane damage reopened Friday, just in time for the busiest shopping week of the year.

Two of the stores are in North Carolina and sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Florence in September. The third store is in Puerto Rico and had been closed for more than a year since Hurricane Maria battered the island, causing widespread flooding, infrastructure damage and loss of lives.   

When disasters shutter stores, we look to find employees shifts at nearby locations, if possible.

Best Buy - hurricanes

14 Sep: Best Buy Brings Tech Support to Areas Affected by Hurricanes

Best Buy and our employees are helping residents in areas hit hard by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma stay connected with one another and their loved ones.

After basic needs have been met, communicating with family and friends, as well as having internet access to begin the recovery process, is the next essential. That’s why we’re partnering with relief organizations, such as the Salvation Army and American Red Cross, to bring technology to storm-ravaged communities. Best Buy’s product and monetary donations have totaled more than $1 million to date.