Future Festival

24 Sep: Future Festival gives Best Buy insights on trends, innovation

There were a bunch of new ideas flying around Toronto last week as innovation leaders from many industries gathered for Future Festival.

Established companies, startups and big thinkers showed off new technologies and cutting-edge ideas. Best Buy’s Evan Buhr, a trend expert, was there to take it all in.

We chatted with Evan to learn more about the event.


Q: Why was Best Buy at this event?

A: As a part of our relationship with event organizer, a company called Trend Hunter, several members of the Best Buy Market and Consumer Insights team and I had the opportunity to attend this year.

Best Buy - Ignite

26 Sep: Best Buy Launches Ignite Program to Showcase Startups, Innovation

You come to Best Buy to see and try the latest and greatest technology, from 4K TVs to virtual reality. But we know there are also a lot of really cool, innovative products out there that aren’t yet on our shelves.

mcintyre_patrick_exec_111615_05_cropmcintyre_patrick_exec_111615_05_cropThat’s why we’re launching Best Buy Ignite, a new program that gives customers access to even more of the newest tech from some of the most inventive entrepreneurs and startup companies in consumer electronics.

To learn more about Best Buy Ignite, we sat down with Patrick McIntyre, our vice president of strategy who works closely with the startup community.

Best Buy - innovation

26 Sep: Revamped Silicon Valley Store Puts Spotlight on Startups, Innovation

Silicon Valley is the heart of tech innovation, so it’s only fitting Best Buy would go there to open a new, one-of-a-kind store experience that showcases the latest technology from some of the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs and startups in consumer electronics.

We’ve added dedicated space inside our new Mountain View Best Buy store (which opened Sept. 16 after relocating from its previous location in Sunnyvale) where customers can discover and learn about some of the newest tech products on the market.


26 Sep: Best Buy Brings Leading Startups, Innovators to Consumers Like Never Before

For more than 50 years, customers have relied on Best Buy to help them learn about and enjoy consumer electronics. Now, Best Buy’s Ignite program gives customers access to even more of the latest technology from some of the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs and startups in consumer electronics.

Key features of the program include dedicated store space for products and services from startups; a new section on where customers can browse, learn about, and purchase the newest products from startups; and a partnership with PCH, a product innovation company that works closely with startups to help get their products into consumers’ hands, faster and at a lower cost.