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12 Mar: Smartphone, Tablet, and More: Watch the NCAA Tournament On the Go

It’s nearly time to start dancing.

With the 2015 NCAA men’s basketball tournament just days ahead, Best Buy helps you enjoy the games whether you’re on the couch, at your local watering hole, at work or school or on the go. In fact, our own research confirmed that more than 20 percent of all March Madness fans intend to watch the tournament from multiple screens this year.

Check out the following can’t-fail game plan, and start by finding out how to make your TV a Smart TV with a this quick video.

March Madness

19 Mar: Wanna Skip Work or School for March Madness? Here’s Your Ready (to Download) Excuse (Note)

March MadnessNo true hoops fan wants to be anywhere but on the couch Thursday and Friday for the start of March Madness.

Those first two days are arguably the best part of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament (click here to see how to watch them on all your favorite screens).

Problem is, it’s Thursday and Friday so there’s that nuisance called work or school  that could get in the way.

Relax. There’s a ready-to-use illness excuse note courtesy of Dr. Tom Ahalkjam. 

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10 Mar: VIDEO: A 90 Second Multi-Screen March Madness Game Plan

Hope you’ve polished your “going out” shoes.

It’s time for the Big Dance.

With the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball tournament just days ahead, Best Buy’s showcasing four fantastic ways for you to enjoy Multi-Screen March Madness in the 90-second video above.

Then again, if you aren’t into incredibly easy video tutorials and would rather read a how-to, check out the following can’t-fail game plan.


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