Mario Day


08 Mar: Here are 4 ways to level up on Mario Day

From his stylish overalls to that handsome mustache, Nintendo’s Mario is not just a true original of the gaming world, he’s a full-on legend.

Every year, March 10, or Mar10, is celebrated as “Mario Day” (get it? Mar10 looks like MARIO!) and Nintendo fans worldwide will celebrate by powering up their gaming consoles and taking on Bowser and his minions. But aside from saving the Mushroom Kingdom and chasing down those gold coins, our team at Best Buy wanted to give you four additional ways to pay homage to our favorite superhero.

Mario Day

10 Mar: Why I’m Celebrating Mario Day

March 10 is Mario Day (MAR10 looks like the name Mario — get it?).

It’s just another great day for fans to celebrate our favorite animated plumber.

I am one of those fans of Nintendo’s mustachioed hero. Let me explain.

Mario holds a special place in my heart. During my childhood, I remember my typical weekend ritual: saddling up in my living room, sitting way too close to the television, blowing into the Super Mario World gaming cartridge (a technique that I later found does absolutely nothing at all), and switching on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).