03 May: 5 Tips For A Safe, Secure Password

Internet safety is a concern for everyone, and the first line of defense is a secure password.

Updating all your various passwords can be tedious, but it’s so important for keeping your devices and online information safe. Once a cybercriminal has your password, they might be able to access your bank account or other personal information.

“Changing your password is important because it prevents unauthorized people from having access to your data,” Geek Squad Agent Ericka Jones said. “Online scams and data breaches are happening every day, so updating your password frequently will help keep you and your information safe.”

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03 May: Here’s What You Need to Know About Passwords

Let’s face it — we’ve all got a ton of passwords to remember. And many of us tweak and repeat our beloved go-to password to avoid the dreaded ‘I forgot my password’ hassle. (You know the one.)

But password safety can be the key to keeping our data safe and secure.

So we’re cracking the code on password protection. Here’s Louisville-based Geek Squad Agent Kate Burroughs’ sage advice on how to keep your private info private.

Use a passPhrase, and not a passWord

Cybercriminals use many tools to crack passwords, including lists of common passwords, programs specifically designed to uncover algorithms, mathematics and more.