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21 Feb: Protecting Your Privacy: Tips from an Expert

We hear a lot about protecting our credit card numbers and using safe passwords. But what about all the personal data that’s collected by your smartphone and apps?

“Data collection is all around us all the time now,” says Trevor Hughes, president and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. “Privacy is having control over it. That’s a much trickier thing to manage than safety and security.”

So what do we need to know about digital privacy in today’s world?

NCA Tournament Devices

12 Mar: Smartphone, Tablet, and More: Watch the NCAA Tournament On the Go

It’s nearly time to start dancing.

With the 2015 NCAA men’s basketball tournament just days ahead, Best Buy helps you enjoy the games whether you’re on the couch, at your local watering hole, at work or school or on the go. In fact, our own research confirmed that more than 20 percent of all March Madness fans intend to watch the tournament from multiple screens this year.

Check out the following can’t-fail game plan, and start by finding out how to make your TV a Smart TV with a this quick video.