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18 Aug: Study Smarter, Not Harder With These Tech Tips

Studying is studying whether you’re a second-grader or a second-year grad student. It’s sometimes boring and often time consuming, and for most students it’s an essential part of doing well in school.

But, it can be much easier.  

Agent Noelle St. Andrew, from Richfield, Minnesota, juggles work, her personal life and school. She has come up with some tips to help students of any age study smarter, not harder.

Here’s what she recommends.

‘Write’ it down

Writing things down has been shown to help you remember them better.

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02 Aug: Get the Smartest Dorm on Campus

Your college packing list should consist of more than shower shoes and No. 2 pencils.

Imagine walking into your dorm and with just six words you can be watching your favorite show without pressing a single button. Or, your quick library visit is turning into an all-nighter, so you turn off your lights and electronics all the way across campus – with your smartphone.

Smart home technology isn’t just for houses. Some of the latest and greatest products work great in a dorm to give you an A+ environment for studying, having fun or staying organized.